With Thailand, Bangkok and Koh Samui behind me, and a whirlwind trip to New Zealand, my second home  (lived there for five years)… The next leg of my epic trip took me to Tasmania…

This leg of the trip was a long time overdue. I first met Greg and Anna when I was on a trip around Doubtful Sound on the south island of New Zealand about six years or so ago. Such lovely people and I’m so pleased we stay in touch, it’s a life long friendship. I’ve been threatening to drop into Tasmania to say hello ever since, this year I finally managed it. I couldn’t have had two nicer people show me around. Tasmania is actually much bigger than you would imagine, that little island at the bottom of the very big bit of Australia isn’t as titchy as it looks. We covered quite a bit of ground in the week I was there and only just scratched the surface. We went to Port Arthur convicts settlement, saw real Tasmanian Devils, went on a speedboat into the Southern Ocean, spent a day a Greg & Anna’s gorgeous beach house at South Arm, the list goes on. I took hundreds of photographs; I’ve just put a little selection here. I’m going to make a book of all the rest when I get a chance. I had an absolutely fantastic week all thanks to my wonderful hosts. I’m going to make sure I drop in when ever I’m passing from now on, as long as Greg & Anna will have me! Tasmania is Wild and Beautiful, and loved it.




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