A Jewel On The Tyne

A Jewel On The Tyne

As the series of mini adventures continue, I can’t describe my amazement when I stumbled upon Tynemouth. Another place that I had seen the signpost pointing to many times, but not a name place that ever enticed me in enough to head up the road to see what was up there. I think I had visions of Tynemouth being a dirty industrial port full of things that I don’t really enjoy looking at so much. I’ve since realised that this grimy port that I had imagined does actually exist, but it’s further along the coast and is The Port of Tyne. Today, instead of just driving past the signpost, I decided to go and have a look.

Tynemouth Priory

What a little gem of a place Tynemouth is. The historic buildings, dramatic views and surprisingly clean, and I must mention ‘award-winning’ beaches really took my breath away. I never even knew there was a Castle and Priory in Tynemouth! Getting in free to the castle by flashing my English Heritage card was an absolute bonus.

Tynemouth Priory & Castle
Oh the irony! The World War II gun battery and bunkers at the end of the site. It was pretty eerie down in the bunkers!
The beaches were so clean! Nice Job!
The walk along the pier…
A 135 Mile walk worth doing.

I walked along the 1km long pier to the lighthouse, this I loved, there was some amazing cloud action going on over the ocean too.  When I got to the lighthouse a local man popped his head up from the lower walkway and asked me if I fancied going up to the top of the lighthouse. I love a good lighthouse! I was up those 100 steps like a shot. Impeccable timing on my part as it was apparently a ‘heritage day’ and that’s why I was allowed up. The lighthouse is closed the rest of the time. What a treat!

Take me anywhere where there’s cloud porn!
Up in the lighthouse!

I only had a few hours to look around Tynemouth on this occasion, but I’d definitely go back, there was so much to look at. If you like a bit of history, this place dates back to the Iron Age and is dripping with interesting antiquities. I think you could probably walk for hours around the coastline in either direction from the Castle. The hub of the town, ‘The Village’, is a lovely place for coffee or food & wine.

TYNEMOUTH-6469 web
Tynemouth ‘Village’

I suspect the central strip might get quite ‘Northern Lively’ on a night, but I’d have to try it before knocking it. I visited on a ‘not school holiday’s’ weekday and there was hardly anybody around, this I would recommend! If, like me, you’ve always driven past the Tynemouth signpost on your way to elsewhere, next time, pop in for a look around, you won’t be disappointed.

Keep on Exploring…

Captain Over! X


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