AUSTRALIA | Mission Beach

On the 3rd March I made my way down to Mission Beach.  I watched with trepidation as the scenery passed by, as I looked out of the greyhound bus window. Slowly, headed further South, with every few miles that passed the damage became increasingly evident. By the time we reached the Mission Beach road, I couldn’t believe my eyes. I am pretty sure I was probably sat with my mouth wide open in disbelief. The damage was so much worse than I could have imagined. I experienced a curious sense of loss.

My beautiful friend Suzie Tayor picked me up from the bus stop. Fantastic to see her again, regardless of the broken backdrop by which we were surrounded. At first, because the landscape had changed so much, trying to find my bearings made me feel a bit muted. I honestly couldn’t put the scene into words at the time, because I was just in complete shock. The rainforest was in shreds. There were fallen down trees. Some palm trees had had their fronds ripped clean off the tree trunks. At least four feet of sand had been washed away from the beach leaving exposed root systems sticking out of the sand. The damage to the roads was extensive, with some areas of road having sunk after the tidal surge. Everywhere I looked there was wreckage. Having seen Mission Beach in all its glory for years before, you couldn’t help feel some sadness as a consequence. Despite all of this, even a category five cyclone can’t take away the beauty and magnetism of Mission Beach. I fell in love with the place over a decade ago and Mission Beach, the surrounding area from rainforest to reef, is still one of my favourite places on earth…

Still beautiful, even after a category 5 cyclone…


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